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Slowly, silently, now the moon

Full_Moon_____Midnight_Forest_by_GothrixNaPoWriMo Poem: Day 1

Slowly, silently, now the moon

Shines upon us, bright as the noon.

Waxing and waning with a pull on the mind

The makes us and breaks us with a mental decline.

Lunacy they say is hidden in that glow

That starts so far away, so soft and lo–

With each quarter, each half and each full

The sea is renewed, sands stirred by its’ pull.

Night comes alive, the dark things come in its’ wake.

The people of the underbelly, emerge with a shake.

Off come the barriers with the cry of the loon.

Slowly, silently, now the moon.


Each night Moon rushes in the darkness.
Light ebbs and flows bringing in the changing of day into night.
Cold and white, light laps at the earth;
Bathing it in an etherial glow.
Moon’s flowing surf mysteriously ushers in wild madness;
Just to those affected by its’ pull.
Calm crashes around others;
drenched from the rains of chaos of sudden storms.