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I Whispered Your Name…


Surprisingly, you left 
Here on gossamer 
For seven years 
I loved you.
For seven years 
You loved me. 
I soul cried your 
Name into the sky. 

Your spirit answered
And took a tiny
Piece of my heart. 
I did not know 
That little piece 
Still belonged 
To you. 
I spoke your name
Into the void. 
You heard me. 
You will never

I whispered 
Your name 
Into the wind.
You caught 
My tearful words
And released them 
Into the sky! 

I whispered 
Your name 
Into the void.
Memories rushed in.
You will
Never be. 

Circling the Drain 

Circling the Drain #napowrimo 8

The sun rises. The sun sets.
In between the usual happens.
The alarm startles us at five.
Time to do the shower shuck and jive.

Assorted wheels whirl us toward our mundane jobs.
Buses, subways, bikes and cars;
The wheels of all go round and round.

For eight hours we sit in a carpeted square box working for the man. He wants us to think outside the box, as worker drones buzzing around the corporate hive.

Five comes and we’re homeward bound.
Home to family. Home to old pizza.
Home to our friends, our cell phones.

We repeat this daily grind day after day.
Month after month.
Year after year.
We go this until a disruption of the flow.
Violence takes our safety.
Illness takes our wellness.
Death takes our lives.

As we lay cold and silent,
Soon to be under the shroud of white,
The doctor calls it.
The time is 9:15.
We have been circling the drain of death all this time.

An Unwork Day

The world of Unwork is very different.
It is very stressful to be so free.
I am haunted by lists of old…to do, projects, upcoming events.
They are slowly fading away from my memory.

5:30 am is still the waking time of the Unwork day.
Up. Cook. Get ready for the day.
My time has gradually become filled with other things.
Cleaning. Cleaning and rearranging.
Odd thing is, the more I clean the more dirt I find.
A speck means a reclean of the whole thing.
No matter what it is.

I have seen other faces now wearing the look of the unwork day.
At coffee shops. At the library. At the book stores.
We all have that new look of the freshly unworked.

Hope lives with in us.
We are all looking for the shift.
Like daylight savings time, we wait for the shift.
The shift of the day when times moves us.
Moves us out of the coffee shops, out of the book stores.
Moves us back to the nine to five.

Today is another unwork day.
Who knew being free could be so stressful.