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Sushi, Sweet Sushi: NaPoWriMo #9

Sushi, sweet sushi is a delight to the tongue,
Smooth, creamy textures-my tastebuds, they strum.
Twas my winter mission to sample a ton,
So week, after week, a new kind I did savor.
Like an oriental marionette, I never changed my mind.

Tuna and shrimp and a few california rolls…
Eel was one that startled my tongue with holes!
Sharp, smokey bones gave a wicked massage
Bones, needled talons, with designs on my tome.

One day I changed my plan.
HEY! Bring me the urchin, sea urchin, sea urchin sushi!

It was the worst thing ever, all yellow, puddinged and limp.
Almost an abomination, an assault to my lips.
I looked around and wanted to spit it right out,
but a man with a walker and looking like the gout,
STARED right at me as his lips did flap!
I raised my napkin with my hand from my lap.
The fringe was soft and stained with yellow goo.
I looked at my plate and wished for a lever.
A lever, a lever to rid myself of the sea urchin forever!