Category: Spiced

When the sky cries…. #napowrimo

When the sky cries,
Emotional floodgates release a torrent 
Of bitter, sour tears.
Cheyenne pepper tears flow
Red from violent words. 
Celery seeds leak from
Pale green, envious eyes.
Turmeric yellow tears run down
Cheeks hollow from 
Soul depleting pain. 
Star anise burst violently 
Forth from eyes swollen 
From a broken heart. 
Black licorice color 
The irises of the soulless.
Black-eyed people walk 
among us baiting life to bare 
It’s bitter flavors.
Pungent spices of life
Reside within us all. 
Coriander and garlic,
Paprika and onions.
All flow together in 
Fragrant streams
Under the torrent of the
Crying skies.