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The Octochicken

After learning about the existence of the Octochicken last night, this is for my sci-fi friends….Garrett, Angie, Paul, Sylvia, Angela and Andrew! Beware the octochicken!

The octochicken crawled out of its web
with two weeping eyes on top of its head.
Best not to be caught alone in its’s room,
Those quick, skinny legs will spell your sure doom.

With a jump and a squawk
and a gittyup as it walks,
it shoots a strand of gossamer silk.
Woe be the one who becomes his milk.

Lumps of prey hang in the web overhead
encased in cacoons, forever in their eternal beds.
Run now! Run! And don’t look back.
The octochicken is coming!
He is three inches from your back.