Enigma of mine, riddle in time,
I want you.

Born of concertos loud in pleasure,
drowned in drums.

Sweet dreamed and longed for.
Always talked of.
Not afar.

Real by the blue dot.
Real by my doc.
Real by me.

Horrid suddenly. Simmered in sin.
Loathed by he.
He called your father.
He hailed the reaper.
Cowards’ spawn.

Stayed by my boot tips.
Gone forever, he who reaps.

Mystery of life,
love-bathed by one.
Mother love.

Enigma of mine, riddle in time,
I love you.

Mad at You! NaPoWriMo #25

“I am mad at you!”
You make me want to cry!
“I am mad at you!”
I want to make YOU cry!
“I am mad at you!”
Oh! Just go away and die!
“I am mad at you!”
Pop! Knock you to the sky!
“I am mad at you!”
Don’t talk to me! You lie!
“I am mad at you!”
You! You! You wanna know WHY!?
“I am mad at you!”
Cause you ATE the LAST piece of PIE!

©2010 mcjames

Third Eye Clarity

With my third eye I see what I am today.
Today I am a wagon wheel.
I am in the inner spoke.
I am the center hub.
Radiating out from me are jagged, crooked paths.

A woman with her third eye open is a woman who can see.
A woman with a third eye open can be all that she can be.
A third eye makes reflection the order of the day.
Reflection on those jagged spokes, the pathways to who I am today.

I have the time cause it is nearly noon.
And I have all afternoon.
I sit in front of the big wide ocean and face all there is to face.
I lay to rest and put behind and burrow deep within my chest.
I hurl to the bottom of the great abyss, things never to surface again.

My two eyes are getting clear again,
The scales are falling away.
I owe it all to my third eye.
Third eye clarity.
It is the only way.

Going Home: NaPo WriMo #10

The Going Home celebration was sudden.
Three days before Christmas he was chosen.
Cold and gray and surreal was that day.
A flock of black birds flew his spirit to the sky.
I had to be strong.
I could not cry.

On the gurney he lay, still warm to the touch.
I caressed his face, ran my fingers in his hair.
It was like silk and whiter than before.
He was still warm.
Please wake up.

My plea went unaswered as tears leaked from my eyes.
We had to go.
We had to go.
We had to go home without him.

Planning began with wild calls to all.
I was the one who did it all.
I was strong as others mourned.
My mourning was alone, in the car, on the way home.

My mouth opened to let the gutteral screams out.
Tears flowed like a river.
My own soul was going to fly out.

Four day later the celebration began.
Testimonies, muic and a life in review.
Family together for the last look at you.

In the moment we are one in grief.
Solidarity will be over with you at rest.
You, surrounded by velvet and dressed in your best,
leave just memories of you at your best.

Alone I will visit your memories.
Alone I can visit you.
Time as the enemy brings fading.
Thanks for the dreams and
I thank you for the song.

Sushi, Sweet Sushi: NaPoWriMo #9

Sushi, sweet sushi is a delight to the tongue,
Smooth, creamy textures-my tastebuds, they strum.
Twas my winter mission to sample a ton,
So week, after week, a new kind I did savor.
Like an oriental marionette, I never changed my mind.

Tuna and shrimp and a few california rolls…
Eel was one that startled my tongue with holes!
Sharp, smokey bones gave a wicked massage
Bones, needled talons, with designs on my tome.

One day I changed my plan.
HEY! Bring me the urchin, sea urchin, sea urchin sushi!

It was the worst thing ever, all yellow, puddinged and limp.
Almost an abomination, an assault to my lips.
I looked around and wanted to spit it right out,
but a man with a walker and looking like the gout,
STARED right at me as his lips did flap!
I raised my napkin with my hand from my lap.
The fringe was soft and stained with yellow goo.
I looked at my plate and wished for a lever.
A lever, a lever to rid myself of the sea urchin forever!

Almost Got By Me!

Wow…I had this writing challenge on my mind in February and with all the challenges of daily life..totally forgot till today! Dang! can never “NOT” write enough!


Each night Moon rushes in the darkness.
Light ebbs and flows bringing in the changing of day into night.
Cold and white, light laps at the earth;
Bathing it in an etherial glow.
Moon’s flowing surf mysteriously ushers in wild madness;
Just to those affected by its’ pull.
Calm crashes around others;
drenched from the rains of chaos of sudden storms.