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Dark Winds


When the dark winds come trees whip wildly with possessed arms.

Leaves fly and swirl just as bones and gizzards swirl in ebony caldrons.

The wind howls like a banshee in the night.

The dark people come.

They come infiltrating, flitting as shadows around innocent men.

They come for souls.

Darker than dark they feed on the night vices of the innocent.

With shiny, black-marble eyes, they wait.

They wait to spread ichor across the earth…

one soul at a time.



The Deepness of the Sea

fangtooth-fish-78210The Deepness of the Sea cannot be measured.

It holds secrets forever, lost in the watery abyss.

Lean over the edge and whisper it in.

Forever it will be sailing downward, downward to inky blackness.

Blackness where the white things are.  Albinoed and spiked and many teethed.

Blackness where the monsters are. Blackness where man cannot reach.

Lean over and whisper it in and feel the release.  The release of the sea.

Water and brine and chutes of steam and caverns.

Whisper it in and feel the release.

Feel the release of the deepness of the sea.
NaPoWriMo #3 #napowrimo

Slowly, silently, now the moon

Full_Moon_____Midnight_Forest_by_GothrixNaPoWriMo Poem: Day 1

Slowly, silently, now the moon

Shines upon us, bright as the noon.

Waxing and waning with a pull on the mind

The makes us and breaks us with a mental decline.

Lunacy they say is hidden in that glow

That starts so far away, so soft and lo–

With each quarter, each half and each full

The sea is renewed, sands stirred by its’ pull.

Night comes alive, the dark things come in its’ wake.

The people of the underbelly, emerge with a shake.

Off come the barriers with the cry of the loon.

Slowly, silently, now the moon.

The Wind Down

It has been a day. Tiring. Boring. Exhausting.
Familiar ailments increased my malaise.
Good intentions went unfulfilled.
They will wait for another day.

Jangled and jargled is my only nerve.
I need the sea and the call of the timeless waves.
I need to breathe deep the salt of the sea and dive.
Dive into the salty depths of the hypnotic drone of crashing.

It has been a day. Tiring. Boring. Exhausting.
Only a poor substitute do I have.
It will do…given my clipped wings.

Swirling, deep caramel aromas fill the air.
Down the roan liquid goes, warm and sweet.
There it is.
An easing, a dulling, a blurred edge.

Tomorrow is a new day with a new nerve.
Tomorrow is a new day with new intentions.

Now finally, I feel the call of sleep.
I listen to my waves of the sea,
artificially infused into the air by my ipod.

It will do.
I need the sea.
I brought it to me.

I lay visualizing the roaring water,
foaming and glinting from the sun.
It has been a day.
Tiring. Boring. Exhausting.
Hope for a new tomorrow has begun.

Night Scapes

Last night I was dreaming. About what I can’t recall.
Now in the light of day it was a good time.
I was most interested, then odd and out of the blue,
I heard a voice yell, “MOM.”

In my dream, like an alarm.
It fit nowhere with anything that was happening.
Awoke I did. The time was not 3:15AM.
Dark was all.
And Quiet.
I listened.

Was it my REAL child? Was something happening and she called me with her mind?
Those circumstances would be dangerous for her.

I got up just to see. I sleep in the other wing. Isolated and alone.
I padded heavily back to her room and all was well.
I peeked in to see drawers half open, clothes on the floor.
Typical room. Typical teen.

I went to her. Pulled the covers back slightly and she stirred.
Her eyes opened but she did not see me….really.
This morning she had no recollection of my visit.

That call puzzles me still.
It was a voice of alarm from another place.
Another time.
Another dimension.
Me, it wanted. Me.
I hope she is alright
I could not get to her.

Call again……I am here!