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Dark Winds


When the dark winds come trees whip wildly with possessed arms.

Leaves fly and swirl just as bones and gizzards swirl in ebony caldrons.

The wind howls like a banshee in the night.

The dark people come.

They come infiltrating, flitting as shadows around innocent men.

They come for souls.

Darker than dark they feed on the night vices of the innocent.

With shiny, black-marble eyes, they wait.

They wait to spread ichor across the earth…

one soul at a time.



Dull and Brown 

Napowrimo 12

Little copper penny laying on the ground.

I see you, all dull and brown. 

You have lost your shiny sheen.

I wonder how many people have passed you by. 

Underestimating your value.

Underestimating your worth.

One of you may not seem like much,

But added up, you can be very much.

You could be the three in thirty three, or the nine in eighty nine.

I see you there, all dull and brown.

You have definitely lost your sheen. 

In my pocket you always go! 

My momma taught me well, 

Never pass up free dough.

See a penny, pick it up! 

All the day you’ll have good luck! 

Raining Cats and Dogs 

Raining Cats and DogsNapowrimo 10

The sun hides behind clouds.

Brightness suddenly grows dim.

Cool air moves quickly in. 

Suddenly, there is a drip drop. 

Drip drop turns into ta-ta-tickety tock. 

Newspapers raise, shielding hair. 

Walkers mentality kick themselves. 

They forgot umbrellas.

Street people shuffle to find shelter.

Ta-ta-tickety tock turns to white noise. 

A constant rush of water falls from the sky. 

Water pools and puddles form.

Small furry things splash down around me. 

Chihuahuas, poodles, corgis and papillons!

Calicos, Manx, hairless and Siamese! 

Good lord! 

It’s raining cats and dogs! 

List of Unsettling Things 

Sei Shonagon list: napowrimo 9

An elderly woman reads the entire menu with her outside voice trying to decide what to order.

Seeing sad in the jazz, that is the music of my soul. 

A woman tries to talk with her coworker which results in unresponsiveness snd awkward silences.

Pouring out love on the undeserving.

A weird flutter of my heart seeing you after thirty years.

Waking up from a dream and thinking I’m still dreaming.

Wondering if life is just packed boxes filled with bubble wrap and memories.

Did they all die when the plane crashed and was anything that happened on the island real? #LOST 

Knowing that people who are supposed to love you,really don’t.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Silently living the life as a motherless child. 

My untethered eating raw rabbit while I eat lobster. 

The sadness of children who have clipped wings. 

The word ‘mother’ doesn’t make someone a good one. 

Teaching my child about racism to ensure her safety in this dark world.

Loss is something the innocent keenly carry. 

Love comes into our life and sometimes has to leave. 


Joy is in the breeze.
Gentle, wispy fingers touched by brine caress my cheeks as they pass by on their way to others who have journeyed through asphalt and sand to sit at the edge of the sea. 

Joy is in the wave.
Waves lap at my toes. Watery tendrils lap at the sand pulling and pushing golden kernels of soon to be sea glass with the regularity of the moon. Gentle tingling can turn into the crashing of white noise as the sea transforms from calm to wild. 

Joy is in the sun. 
When the earth winters and the sun is far, a few hot beams of light are sun-sent, like beckons in the icy dark. These rays of illumination light up a face chilled by frigid air. 

Joy is in the berry. 
Red, Shiraz, Merlot or Rose.
Cava, Brut or the finest champagnes! The intoxicating blend of sweet, dark berries and bubbles fill my glass with an instant celebration. 

Joy is in the sweetness.
Cocoa beans and hazelnuts are the guilty sin of the soul. Rich, brown chocolate warms the tongue as it melts to a liquid finish. Bumps of hazelnuts burst in nutty goodness against sharp and happy molars. 

Joy is in the music.
The cacophonous din of data swamp the mind with daily cobwebs. The blue notes of jazz and white chords of Bach cleanse the soul. Music soothes the bewildered me.

Joy is in the touch.
Firm fingers trace circles on flesh tight with tension. Oiled hands knead bread on shoulders knotted with hot cross buns. Knuckles meander down spines tightly coiled with springs. Relax. Release. Breathe. Skin and muscle yield to gentle hands. 

Napowrimo Day 7 : joy poem. Finally time to post it! 

Chaotic Cohesiveness #napowrimo

Chaotic Cohesiveness ~Matrixity 

The clock ticked.

The clock tocked. 

Time traversed as the sun

Tangoed on it’s daily dance

Across the heavens. 

I ran after the disjointed 

Fragments of my life,

Trying to gather them

Into some sort of 

Chaotic cohesiveness.

The glue held in some places 

And failed in others.

Dreams and expectations 

Spilled in a tumbling stream

To sunken places. 

I dove in.


I’m trying to find me.

I’m still swimming. 


Life throws curves at us all the time. Never give up! #life #chaos #poem

I stay too long #napowrimo 4

I stay too long.

I always do. 

I want to make 

It work.

I think…

If I do everything—

Absolutely everything 

Exactly right,

It will work.

I’ll will it to!

I’m not at fault.

I never am.


It never works.

I stay too long. 

I always do. 

Love cuts deep.

Recipe For Life

In youth we think We have it all.

We think we have the recipe.

We think we master it all. 

In our mixing bowl We place what we have gathered.

One life, invincible 

Full of ‘hold my beers.’

An education, spearheaded by mom.

An education, learned with peers.

One heart, tender and whole

Full of love and expectations.

We mix and we mix.

We mix and we mix.

We bake.
We bake our early years,

At 350 degrees.

We’re happy with the results. 

A life of culinary perfection.
Joy may be short lived.
The real baker of our lives Stepped in. 

He added secret ingredients,

Ingredients do secret 

It makes your head spin. 
To life he added pain and fear.

To beers he added loss and tears.

To education he added disappointment, glass ceilings,

Backstabbing and discernment.

To love he added deceit and lies,

Heartbreak, death and 

Deep soul cries.
He mixed and he mixed.

He mixed and he mixed. 

He shook up our perfect 

350 degree bake.
What was sure is unsure.

What was happy is Now bittersweet.

What was perfection is 

Now a culinary maybe. 
There is no perfect recipe.

No culinary perfection for life.

It will always be a mystery, 

This awesome thing called life. 

It rained today 

It rained today.#napowrimo day 2

He looked around His big, wide world.

Rivers of hate ebb and flow.

Babies cry tears of Roast beef and sweet bread;

Things their swollen bellies Will never have.

Inequality taints the coloursOf Neapolitan ice cream,

In delicious hues of tan And cocoa and chocolate.

It rained today.
Only the rich get richer.
Lottery wins are the dreams Of the poor. 

The poor get poorer. 

The marginal of society work.

They twerk for drugs and money. 

Babies cry for the comfort Of addicted mothers. 

It rained today.

Bullets steal the lives Of the innocent. 

Red blood gushes From the barrel of a gun. 

Cyber eyes steal the Innocence of children,

Preying on their unknowing, Dancing bodies.

It rained today.
He looked around His big, wide world,
Totally disgusted with man.

Swill, pain and garbage? 

This was not the plan.

How had depravity gotten so varied?

Gotten so far? 

It rained today.
He thought of a cleansing.
What should it be?

Send the four horsemen Flying high in the sky?

Check the immortal, angelic clock?

Was it time for another coming? 

Raise the dead to meet In the sky? 

He was not sure.

He hung his head. 

It rained today.
As He bowed His head, His eyes filled up.

Tears fell fast for Man’s feet of clay.

Rare, diamond tears rained down.

Grey clouds darkened the day.

I heard the meteorologist say,
“Better carry your umbrellas!”

It’s going to rain today.