Day: April 2, 2019

It rained today 

It rained today.#napowrimo day 2

He looked around His big, wide world.

Rivers of hate ebb and flow.

Babies cry tears of Roast beef and sweet bread;

Things their swollen bellies Will never have.

Inequality taints the coloursOf Neapolitan ice cream,

In delicious hues of tan And cocoa and chocolate.

It rained today.
Only the rich get richer.
Lottery wins are the dreams Of the poor. 

The poor get poorer. 

The marginal of society work.

They twerk for drugs and money. 

Babies cry for the comfort Of addicted mothers. 

It rained today.

Bullets steal the lives Of the innocent. 

Red blood gushes From the barrel of a gun. 

Cyber eyes steal the Innocence of children,

Preying on their unknowing, Dancing bodies.

It rained today.
He looked around His big, wide world,
Totally disgusted with man.

Swill, pain and garbage? 

This was not the plan.

How had depravity gotten so varied?

Gotten so far? 

It rained today.
He thought of a cleansing.
What should it be?

Send the four horsemen Flying high in the sky?

Check the immortal, angelic clock?

Was it time for another coming? 

Raise the dead to meet In the sky? 

He was not sure.

He hung his head. 

It rained today.
As He bowed His head, His eyes filled up.

Tears fell fast for Man’s feet of clay.

Rare, diamond tears rained down.

Grey clouds darkened the day.

I heard the meteorologist say,
“Better carry your umbrellas!”

It’s going to rain today.