It’s That Time! #napowrimo #amwriting

It is that time again ….it is NaPoWriMo! This year I vow to do my best to participate most, if not all the days.  This year has been a better year for creativity.  I have been devoting more time each week to being creative. That is something I have not done in years past and have felt I have missed out on opportunities to do so.  Writing, poetry, drawing, painting…I love it all.

How? When there seems to be no time for anything more, how can that be put into the schedule I have?   Well, you have to take away from something else.  I looked at my time and I have decided to basically give up tv watching to have more time to create.  Yes, I miss all the shows I used to come home and watch but I get to create and I love that more.  More time for creating and more time for reading.

It is working well so far. I have even gotten to the point where I do not miss the tv anymore.  Maybe one of these days I will  be independently wealthy, without the need to work and I can really devote time to leisure and be able to create all the time.  That would be the life!


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