The Lune: Day 1 NaPoWriMo

napo2016button2  Well.  I missed posting on yesterday because I left my lune at work.  That was the first prompt for NaPoWriMo 2016.  Way to be late on day 1.  I worked today and took it out of the place I had it, to be sure I  took it home today.  I again left without it.  I will publish that later. Since there seems to be an overflow of muse juices recently, I will post another here.  I hope to make most of the 30 days of poetry.

What is a lune?  The lune is also known as the American Haiku. It was first created by the poet Robert Kelly (truly a great poet) and was a result of Kelly’s frustration with English haiku. After much experimentation, he settled on a 13-syllable, self-contained poem that has 5 syllables in the first line, 3 syllables in the second line and 5 syllable in the final line.  I have found that it can also be the 5, 3, 5 word count as well.  So here is my lune after seeing a past boyfriend after 30 years.

Love is bittersweet.

I looked back.

Wisen eyes see truth.


The things I see now,

I don’t like.

I missed that back then.


I don’t like him now.

We don’t  sync.

God!  We never did.






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