Silver Tongue Truths

silver tongued devilNaPoWriMo #2 #napowrimo

Like leaves from a pale, albino tree, silver tongued truths come easy.

One here, one there and soon the ground is covered with pretty glittery things.

Born out of fear and, at times, the deed not to hurt, they cover the landscape.

Step around boys and girls, step around.

Step in and they will damage the shoes, hurt the soul, mar the eyes.

Step in and they wound the heart, maggot the trust and rape credibility.

Silver tongued truths are not real. The ugly, sobering reality is true.

I hate your dress.  You look road hard and put up wet.

What swill is this you are serving me?

I love you…but only for your money, your body, your connections.

Your hair is a scary rats nest today.

Truth is real but so not nice.

We want nice.  We want to be liked.

So…Step around boys and girls, step around!

Pick from the eternal tree of lies and live.

Live the lie.



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