Day: April 8, 2011


He wore the face of a jackal underneath his public face of sly.
Sly as a fox.
Smoooooooth as cream.
Words from a serpent with a two sided tongue.

She wore the face of an innocent, underneath her public face of perplex.
Perflexed by him.
Bothered by him.
Understanding words from his two slotted tongue.

Together they danced a dance,
Faces twisting and twirling in the wind.
Out of sync and with limbs disjointed,
Assemble, changement, plié,  relevé.

Lead was the jackal.
The next day lead was the jackal.
Lead was always the jackal.
No chance had the innocent except on the sly.

Finally the jackel wore thin and innocence looked away.
Looked away to a new face, an inward face. Her face.
Made new.
Now a bit smoother.
Now a bit sly.