Day: April 4, 2011

Pwoermd: NaPoWriMo 3

Make up a pwoerm. Using 2-3 words.

buffermentality:buffer, ferment, mentality

stinkspottery: stink, inkspot, pottery

sprummering: spring, summer

darkansaw: dark, arkansaw

singleemur: single, glee, lemur

muddermure: mud, udder, demure

searear: sea, are, area, rear

5 Comes Early

Five comes early.
Five comes early when you can’t sleep.
Why? Just anxious about the day or stressed about bills to pay.
Sleep is always just out of reach,
sitting over there having a cup of tea.
It looks at me from time to time,
looking at it’s watch……waiting for five.
Five comes early.

Five comes early when it is three and sleep finally decides to get into bed with you.
Tea? It has had enough tea. It wants to sleep.
Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
It wants to sleep and sleep past five.
Five comes early when you go to sleep at three.
Sleep fights at five. Why?
Five comes early.

Five comes early as you roll out of bed wondering if you ever really slept.
Dreamless, haunted and lifeless, the day begins.
Sleep taunts you all throughout the day.
It snubs it’s nose at five. It wants to stay and stay it does.
All day.
Because…Five comes early.

I will die at home, as I sleep, on a Friday.

NAPOWRIMO # 2 write a poem predicting your own death.

Peaceful  I will go.
I will die at home, as I sleep, on a Friday.
That is how I want to go.
Let me slip uneventful into the underworld.
Sprites and angels and heavenly bodies welcome me
with open arms and mellifluous voices.
Let me cross the dark abyss on a sailing ferry
complete with all my favorite niceties.
From escargot to wine and books….
From Paganini to shoes and lamb.
The risen lamb. The only lamb.
Salvation lamb.
Let me sail away with these things gambolling behind my eyes.
Let the smell of the sea be the last I draw in.
Let the waves gently rock me back and forth.
No fanfare needed.
Just silence and a gentle release of my hand.
Peaceful is how I want to go.
I want to die at home, as I sleep, on a Friday.