Month: April 2010

Mad at You! NaPoWriMo #25

“I am mad at you!”
You make me want to cry!
“I am mad at you!”
I want to make YOU cry!
“I am mad at you!”
Oh! Just go away and die!
“I am mad at you!”
Pop! Knock you to the sky!
“I am mad at you!”
Don’t talk to me! You lie!
“I am mad at you!”
You! You! You wanna know WHY!?
“I am mad at you!”
Cause you ATE the LAST piece of PIE!

©2010 mcjames


You bit me on my big toe,
And pinched me on all the others.
My heels you squeezed on both sides
Till red and raw and sore.

I paid big money for you,
All tall and uppity and high!
I called others you had serviced,
They raved and said, “she’s good!”

Me? I want my money back.
Love affair over before begun.
My vice has gotten the better of me.
New shoes-must you hate me so?

©2010 mcjames

Third Eye Clarity

With my third eye I see what I am today.
Today I am a wagon wheel.
I am in the inner spoke.
I am the center hub.
Radiating out from me are jagged, crooked paths.

A woman with her third eye open is a woman who can see.
A woman with a third eye open can be all that she can be.
A third eye makes reflection the order of the day.
Reflection on those jagged spokes, the pathways to who I am today.

I have the time cause it is nearly noon.
And I have all afternoon.
I sit in front of the big wide ocean and face all there is to face.
I lay to rest and put behind and burrow deep within my chest.
I hurl to the bottom of the great abyss, things never to surface again.

My two eyes are getting clear again,
The scales are falling away.
I owe it all to my third eye.
Third eye clarity.
It is the only way.


My toe hurts. Why?
Sleep. I need more but can’t sleep. Why can’t I just go to bed. That seems so hard now.
My toe hurts. Like someone is sticking a pin in the skin next to my big toe. Left foot.
Why am I hungry and thinking of food at 1:29 AM?
Look. Here is a big bowl of butter beans and smoked turkey wings at 1:29 AM.
It is hot and that fan is not doing anything.
My lower back just cracked. That has been doing that recently. I wonder why.
Do I now need to go to the bathroom. That necessary evil. Gets old quick.
Harry Chrishna…Harry Chrishna.
The dog looks so cute.
Fold up like a bat and sleep.

When Love Goes

When love goes and leaves a walkless void,
in the world stills.

Paralysis of body and mind.
A freezing of time.
A lengthening of silence
between beats.

In these spaces,
I exist.
Knowing where love goes.

The Sea: NaPoWriMo #17

I wallowed in the waves.
I blew in the wind.
I grew dizzy watching water swirl around my ankles.

I was.

And it was me.
I was the sea.
It emptied me.
It filled me.
It happied my soul.

I flew like the birds.
I captured the wind.
I rode on its’ roar.

I was the sea
and it was me.






Change is a hard thing.
It taxes the mind and soul.
It frazzles the nerves and jaggles old thought patterns.
Resistance is ugly and trying and viscious.
Even more so when thinking is only one way.
With no room for options and no flexibility,
one really becomes a great liability.
It makes you crazy.
It hardens your mind.
Constance resistance means stife
Day in and day out for no reason.
Discord and out of sortedness
is the front and center order of the day.
It drains my soul.
Escape is my way of finding solace.
Escape is my way of finding sanity.
Just bend a bit.
Happiness may come your way

Far, Far Away

Weary to the bone, I look to a new day.
Whay, far away, far far away.
It will be the mental distance that will be good.
Chaos can’t enter your brain if you are not physically near it.
I can shut it off.
I can hang up.
I can leave.

It does not a body good.
I think I have finally had enought. Well.
It was a long time ago.

I finally realize what a friend told me.
I might not be the one to help.
I am not.
Sad, but true.
All my efforts and constant forgiveness mean nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
She thinks I am nothing.
Always had and always will.

Hard to take but it is true.
Not all women should be mothers.
Not all mothers are good.

Weary to the bone, I look to a new day.
Far, far away.

5 Comes Early

Five comes early.
Five comes early when you can’t sleep.
Why? Just anxious about the day or stressed about bills to pay.
Sleep is always just out of reach, sitting over there having a cup of tea.
It looks at me from time to time, looking at it’s watch……waiting for five.
Five comes early.

Five comes early when it is three and sleep finally decides to get into bed with you.
Tea? It has had enough tea. It wants to sleep.
Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
It wants to sleep and sleep past five.
Five comes early when you go to sleep at three.
Sleep fights at five. Why?
Five comes early.

Five comes early as you roll out of bed wondering if you ever really slept.
Dreamless, haunted and lifeless, the day begins.
Sleep taunts you all throughout the day.
It snubs it’s nose at five. It wants to stay and stay it does. All day.
Five comes.
Five comes early.


Each New Day

The new year is coming and my things seem old.
I want a new beginnning, if the truth be told.
How do I get that?
I am in the same old rut.
I wonder how to do things different,
I am ready for a change.
The same, the same, the same.
My routine seems set for SAME.
I feel a breakout coming.
I just wonder how.
I want a needed breakout and I want it NOW!

The new year is dawning.
We are in it’s eve.
The new year is dawning.
A new beginning is about to come.
I want a new beginning with some excitement and dash.
I want a new beginning.
Let’s go…I want to dash!